[PRESS RELEASE] Establishing Personal Branding in the Digital Era
Thu, 30 Aug 2018 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, August 29, 2018 - The digital era has come with numerous kind of platforms that make it easy for people to carry out various activities, and one of the examples is building social connections with other people. The existence of multiple platforms that connect humans to one another also ultimately forms a new reality in human life, namely virtual reality. Here, everybody will try to differentiate their personal brand from one another.

In Digitalk #20, which carries the theme of 'Establishing Personal Branding in the Digital Era,' CfDS presented two speakers with high experience regarding the formation of personal brand in the digital world. The speakers are Wicaksono, or commonly known in cyberspace as ‘Ndoro Kakung', who earned the nickname as ‘the grandfather of Indonesian social media; and also Agus Mulyadi, or commonly known in cyberspace as 'Agus Magelangan,' who currently serves as editor in chief of Mojok.co.

According to Wicaksono, a personal brand is an area in the middle of 'how do you see yourself?' and 'how others see you yourself.' Personal branding needs to be built to increase self-confidence and credibility, expand the social network, attract the targeted audience easily, and differentiate self-identity from others. Therefore, in personal branding, we must be authentic and consistent. The formation of a personal brand also must be adjusted to the expertise/uniqueness of oneself, so that the personal brand that is formed is also in accordance with the personal values that one possess. Finally, the publication of content must show consistency (regarding quality and quantity) to improve visibility within the platform.

In the second session, Agus Mulyadi opened the session by telling his journey of personal branding in the digital world. Initially, Agus became famous because of his expertise in doing ‘photo-editing services with various artists’, which made him be attributed as ‘photo-editor man’ in the virtual and real world. He called this attribution as a type of natural personal brand formation. However, Agus also tried to form an artificial personal branding strategy, in which Agus wanted to be known as a writer or a blogger. He did this by writing his story as a 'photo-editor man' on the blog, and now he has published several books that are adapted from his blog. Based on his experience in the digital world, profile differentiation and consistency in content production are some of the keys to building a personal brand in the digital world.

At the closing, Wicaksono also added that before building a digital image, we need to identify ourselves, so that we feel confident in developing our personal brand in the digital world.


Reporter: Reuben Raka Wicaksono