Investment in the Digital Economy Era: Quo Vadis?
Tue, 09 Oct 2018 || By Muhammad Rasyid Ridho

Nowadays, investment, as one of important process in the world’s economy, is highly influenced by the pervasiveness of digital technology. One of its effects is the inevitable rise of digital multinational enterprises. Digitalization serve as a tool to expand their market or as a new business sector. However, this phenomenon could bring negative excess to local economy players. It is imperative for the Government to domesticate the undesirable effects of market forces. In our newest infographic, summarized from “UNCTAD World Investment Report 2017: Investment and the Digital Economy”, we will discuss several issues regarding digital economy and steps to overcome the negative consequences of such phenomenon.

Investment in the Digital Economy Investment in the Digital Economy

Written by: Muhammad Rasyid Ridho & Masgustian