[PRESS RELEASE] How Smart Is Artificial Intelligence? | Difussion #13
Fri, 28 Jun 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, 26th June 2019 – Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a crucial aspect of technological development in digital era. The popularity of the term ‘AI’ itself doesn’t only emerge from the technological advancement that it possesses, but also coming from the impact of its capabilities to the society. To discuss the presence of AI and its impact to our life, CfDS UGM held a 13th series of Difussion at Warung Upnormal Yogyakarta on 26th June 2019.


AI in Our Daily Life

On this first session, Great as one of CfDS’ research assistants opened the discussion by explaining the role of AI in the medical world. According to Great, AI is able to help doctors on analyzing patients' disease patterns, which later can be used to diagnose patients’ diseases. In addition, Great also added the role of AI which currently plays a role in music player platforms such as Spotify. "The use of AI in Spotify helps users to get the latest music by learning genres, musical tastes, and trending songs", explained Great. However, Great also said that AI could have a very bad impact if it is used to make Deepfake (a technique for making fake content that is difficult to detect with AI technology).


The Use of AI in Political Activities

Unlike Great, Janitra as the second speakers talked about the role and utilization of AI in politics. According to Janitra, currently, AI is widely used to support political campaign strategies to become members of people's representatives as happened in New Zealand. However, Janitra said that the use of AI in politics will face many problems and challenges.  "There is still a lot of bias in the use of AI in politics, such as Google AI which detected dark-skinned faces as gorillas. The basis of political practice that is full of manipulation is certainly also a problem in the use of AI ”, said Janitra. That case showed that the use of AI in political activities still has fundamental problems which we should look upon together.


The Use of AI in Law-related Activities

As the last presenter, Tita discussed the role of AI in law, especially from its ethical aspects. Tita opened her session by playing video footage about Sophia, an AI robot that is already well known in the world. Not much different from Janitra, although it is believed that it has brought many changes and new things, Tita also said that AI in these aspects is still vulnerable to bias. Therefore, the use of AI is more shown as a tool to help humans, and not as a ‘thing’ to replace humans. However, Tita still believes that AI will keep growing rapidly, which in the end, it is not impossible for AI to have similar thinking capability ike humans. "Currently, AI has emotions but these emotions are still the result of programming. But maybe in 50 years, they will have the same complex feelings as humans", as Tita closed the discussion session.