[PRESS RELEASE] Opportunities for the Establishment of Ministry of Digital Affairs in Indonesia | Press Conference
Wed, 24 Jul 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, July 24th 2019 - The rapid development of digital technology has penetrated various aspects, as well as its use by the society. Some countries in the world even established ministry of digital affairs to support their country’s growth. Seeing this trend, CfDS conducted a research entitled “Opportunities for the Establishment of the Ministry of Digital Fields in Indonesia” on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019. This research discusses the implementation of digital affairs ministry in several countries and how it can be established in Indonesia.

Why is the Ministry of Digital Affairs Needed?

Indonesia has a high rating of internet penetration, followed by as the predictions of a growing digital economy sector. Anggika Ramadiani, CfDS researcher, revealed that “the existence of digital affairs ministry is needed to manage Indonesian digital landscape to be an opportunity of advancement for Indonesia. In addition, Indonesia currently ranks 59th out of 63 countries in technological developments. There is a need for government regulations related to digital issues such as cyber security, digital ecosystem readiness, and other concrete steps to minimize the Indonesian human resource’s gap in using technology and improving the quality of internet governance in Indonesia.”

Implementation of the Digital Affairs Ministry in Several Countries

Several countries in the world have agreed to regulate digital issues by establishing special institutions or ministries that oversee digital affairs. Based on the method of establishment, the ministries in several country are grouped into three, namely: (1) The ministry of digital affairs emerged as a result of the restructurization on existing ministries, such as Thailand, Benin, Russia and Poland; (2) The ministry of digital affairs consists other ministries or other ministries such as England, Scotland and France; and (3) The ministry of digital affairs is newly formed and separated from other ministries, such as Greece. “The case studies from other countries regarding the formation of digital affairs ministry can be used as aa further reference for the Indonesian government in establishing digital affairs ministry in Indonesia”, said Anisa Pratita Mantovani, Research Manager of CfDS.