[PRESS RELEASE] Digital Literacy Collaboration with UGM’s Community Service Program
Wed, 24 Jul 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Semarang, 17th July 2019 – KKN-PPM (Student Community Service) Unit Tengaran JT -  174 partnered with CfDS UGM had successfully organized digital literacy campaign in SMKN 01 Tengaran, Kabupaten Semarang, Jawa Tengah. The event was organized in the hall of SMKN 01 Tengaran, and it was attended by more than 680 students.

The community service team that represented by Fatma Rahmalia and M. Idham Barieq, explained several issues in the field digital societiy, including the cyber-security, social media ethics, and the spread of hoax. One of the teachers in SMKN 01 Tengaran 2019, Istiqlalia Irawati S. Psi., emphasized that the campaign is really important for the students to increase their awareness regarding the digital issue. "The Digital Literation Campaign is really suitable and important for the students to raise their digital literacy. The students that are newly exposed to the digital world now understood the ethics and limitations in social media and how to become a good netizen," Ira said.

Aligned with Ira's explanation, the Headmaster of SMKN 01 Tengaran, Sriyanto S. Pd., M. Pd., expressed his positive responses towards the campaign. He hopes that the students can wisely use any digital technologies. "The campaign is well-prepared and essentials for the students. I hope they can implement the 'think before click' principle in their daily activities in cyberspace," Sriyanto explained.

The Digital Literacy Campaign has been one of the core programs of the community service team that also supports Indonesia's Digital Literacy Movement. This collaborative program is initiated based from the similarities of CfDS' vision and the essence of KKN PPM UGM, which is to provide learning to the society. As a research center that promotes digital literacy, CfDS opens this collaborative program to any community service teams from any universities across Indonesia.