[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS’ Participation in International Smart City Expo & Forum 2019
Thu, 25 Jul 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Jakarta, 17th-19th July 2019 – International Smart City Expo & Forum 2019 was participated by key figures from the local governments across Indonesia. Dedy Permadi, the Director of CfDS UGM, moderated the plenary session that discussed about 'Smart City Program in Indonesia and ASEAN' (18/07).

‘Smart City’ concept can be one of the local government's solutions in solving urban development problems using ICT approach. Since 2016, in collaboration with Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs and Microsoft, CfDS initiated Smart City pilot project program by organizing training and workshop to 10 cities. The program is aimed to endorse the local government's capacity to be able to solve development issues using smart city concept implementation. 

In empowering Indonesian local government’s capacity to implement the concept of smart city, CfDS focuses on the human resource quality of the stakeholders and grassroots actors. It is aligned with Jusuf Kalla's speech in the opening of IISMEX 2019, "Technology is needed to be balanced in the implementation. The system and infrastructure need to be aligned with qualified human resources. This aspect needs the local government's effort to equip the infrastructure, systems and human resource itself."

CfDS’ Contribution in the Implementation of Smart City Concept in Indonesia

Until 2019, CfDS is striving to promote the awareness of smart city implementations to local governments. Teamed up with experts and scholars in various disciplines, CfDS UGM initiated the Smart City Consortium UGM. The consortium provides analysis on various aspects of smart cities, including urban planning & design, ICT, governance, economic & geography. This strategy is taken based on the understanding that the smart city concept itself is comprehensive and multidisciplinary. To assist the local government in taking decisions on the implementation of the smart city concept, the consortium developed the guide book of 'The Guidance of Smart city Implementation: Local Government's Handbook'. Besides, CfDS UGM has also organizing Smart City Workshop & Training program in several regions during 2018-2019, including Kudus, Sangatta Selatan, Kulon Progo, Blitar, and Special Region of Yogyakarta.