[PRESS RELEASE] Indonesia’s Digital Generation: Positive, Ethical, Creative | Digitalk #31
Sat, 07 Sep 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Surakarta, 05th September 2019 – Continuing the serial event of ‘CfDS: Goes To Campus’, CfDS collaborated with BEM FKI UMS (student association of Faculty of Communication and Informatics Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta), held Digitalk #31 with the theme of Indonesia’s Digital Generation: Positive, Ethical, Creative’ on Thursday (05/09) in Seminar Room Faculty of Economics and Business UMS. The event was divided into two sessions, where the talkshow session was delivered by three panelists: Diah Angendari (Lecturer at Communication Studies UGM), Fedryno Geza R. (Event Manager at CfDS), and Sara Neyriza (Lecturer at Communication Studies UMS and content creator). Next, the training session was delivered by Fauzi Ananta as the CEO of Cerah Creative.

Indonesia’s Digital Generation: Positive

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, humans are required to be more adaptive to the various changes presented by technological advancement. Some technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and the use of big data analytics constantly help humans’ work to be more efficient. However, the potential of jobs displacement by the otomatization is also one of the negative aspects of technological advancement that might cause public unrest. However, Diah Angendari believes that rather than worrying it, we’d better start to put our attention on our ‘position’ in the midst of current technological advancement. This form of awareness can be demonstrated by having enough concern about the importance of digital literacy. “According to the data from ITU, there are three levels of digital literacy: basic, intermediate, and advance. We should think, at what level are we now? Because now is no longer an era where the 'big' beat the 'small', but rather the 'fast' beat the 'slow'. Therefore, it becomes important for us to always improve our digital literacy in the current technological era”, Diah concluded.

Indonesia’s Digital Generation: Ethical

With the high flow of information circulating on various social media channels, it sometimes becomes difficult for users to determine what type of information that is indeed worthy of being trusted and consumed. For that, we are required to continue to have ethics in socializing, as we also apply it in socializing in the real world. In determining what kind of information is ethical to consume, it is important for us to have some awareness in filtering information. Fedryno added, "In accessing information, make sure that the source of the information is trusted. Titles that are too ‘bombastic’, the number of ads on a site, and the origin of the site’s domain are some aspects that we must double-check to determine the validity of a site as the source of information.

Indonesia’s Digital Generation: Creative

After discussing on how to be a positive and ethical digital user, we are also pushed to not only be the consumer of digital contents, but also the producer of it. Sara Neyriza as a lecturer and a content creator was present to share her experiences in the world of content creator. Starting from her hobbies on creating content and appearing in front of the camera, Sara chose several issues such as plurality and feminism as the ‘theme’ that dominate most of her contents. In her journey as a content creator, Sara also shared her experiences when she was experiencing stress due to negative responses from the public. Nonetheless, Sara emphasized that consistency, identification of self-brand, and being focus on goals are some of the keys to Sara's journey as a content creator.