[PRESS RELEASE] “Create Don’t Hate” | Gathering #AgenDamai
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, 17th October 2019 - Center for Digital Society (CfDS) FISIPOL UGM held gathering #AgenDamai entitled “Create Don't Hate”. The event was held as the closing of a series of digital campaign activities called #AgenDamai, that has been carried out by CfDS since August 2019, along with the support from Search for Common Ground Indonesia. The digital campaign activities were carried out through various digital platforms, namely Instagram, website, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter. It was filled with content in the form of articles, comics, videos, and photos.

The dissemination of positive content and information conducted by CfDS together with Agen Damai is expected to reduce the negative content that arises, both in digital space and physical space of the society. In the event, CfDS invites Mas Aik (Founder of “Nanti Kita Sambat Tentang Hari Ini”), M. Atiatul Muqtadir (President of Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Council 2019), Lakshita Aliva Zein (President of AIESEC UGM), and Anaq Duanaiko (Project Officer of CfDS Research Division) to discuss the issues on social media that aim to create a better social media climate.

Starting the discussion, Aliva explained how hate-speech often appears on social media. “There are certain things that trigger people to do or say bad things because of their differences. In this case, tolerance is needed. That is needed when the nature of society itself is different, because if it’s the same, tolerance is not necessary anymore. So, the most important thing for us is how we accept others and accept differences, because little things matter.”, explained Aliva.

Besides hate speech, an issue that often occurs in social media is online harassment. Anaq Duanaiko explained that online harassment is divided into 7 types, namely cyberstalking, online impersonation, catfishing, doxing, swatting, trolling, to porn revenge, where all of these things can embarrass and harm others. "Online harassment is done to degrade a person's value. It is indeed difficult to stop it, because we tend to see it in our own perspective. The way to change it also requires a lot of people. So, our job together is to speak up and socialize the issue around us that online harassment is bad.", said Anaq Duanaiko.

On how to make a positive influence on social media, M. Atiatul Muqtadir saw that cyberspace has become a new public space contested by so many people. “We have to realize that digital traces are scary, we don't know when our digital traces will be noticed. But on the principle, with or without a lot of followers, we should to create content that has good influence. We never know how much resistance everyone has when they receive any bad words. May it could be for me, for you, for us, it's normal. But for others, it might not. Not everyone can respond to it normally. So, being good or not on social media is a choice.”, Fathur said.

As a creative content writer, Mas Aik also has his own way of creating a social media environment that makes him comfortable. Instead of doing hate-speech or actions that harm others, he chose to create creative content. According to him, sometimes creative idea comes out out of nowhere or it might be inspired by things around us and others. “Creative is when you can see the problem from another perspective, which is not seen by others. When creating NKSTHI (a media social account for people to complaint about life), people might think this will make it negative. But through NKSTHI's content, I want to invite readers to laugh, laugh at themselves because they feel the connection.”, said Mas Aik. He also shared about three important things in creating content, namely copywriters (people who compose words to convince readers to do what they bring), content writers (people whose job is to expand the discussion given by copywriters), and content strategists (people which formulate strategies related to how, in what way and with what media the content will be shared).


Writer: Laili R.

Editor: Raka W.