[PRESS RELEASE] Building Optimism through Positive Content | Digitalk #33
Wed, 30 Oct 2019 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, October 25th 2019 – Nowadays, social media is becoming a new public space for people to share contents, be it negative or positive content. Drawing upon the issue, Center for Digital Society held Digitalk #33 with Akhyari Hananto, the founder of Good News for Indonesia (GNFI), at the Convention Hall 4th Floor, FISIPOL UGM, on Friday (25/10).

Changing the Negative Stigma About Indonesia

Akhyari’s inspiration to establish GNFI started from its observation about the spread of negative content in Indonesia. According to Akhyari, the large number of negative contents in Indonesia is also caused by the imbalance number of positive and negative content creators. This can be seen from social media, where negative content creators have more followers than the positive content creators. This is saddening when Indonesia has the capital to bring Indonesia into a better direction, namely the demographic bonus, the high penetration of internet users, the culture of the goodness from Indonesians, and the Indonesia’s opportunity to become an economic axis.

“Indonesia is the most generous country according to the CAF in 2018, and in previous years, Indonesia always entered the top five. Other than that, according to the Institute for Economic and Peace, Indonesia is the sixth most peaceful country. In addition, the axis of the economy that previously existed in western countries began to move to Asia. The best-selling items such as smartphones, airlines or cars on the market come from Asian manufacturers. Unfortunately, through a research, there are 83% of Indonesia’s young people who are pessimistic about Indonesia’s chance to catch up with developed countries. This happens because they do not get any good and objective information. The media which was dominated by television, prefer to convey negative information.”, said Akhyari.

Creating Positive Content on Social Media

According to Akhyari, to grow positivism on social media, there are several things that can we do. First, let's turn the tide by spreading positive things. Second, imagine yourself as sugar or milk, so that you can be a helpful person for everyone. Third, know how to do it. He also added that spreading good things is not solely the responsibility of the government, but it’s always be our shared responsibility.

Writer: Laili R.

Editor: Raka W.