Activities and Events

1. Education and Policy Advocacy

a. Experts Meeting

CfDS gathers and initiates discussion with experts to scrutinize digital issues in Indonesia. In 2017, CfDS facilitated the Experts Meeting on Digital Diplomacy and Experts Meeting on E-Government and Smart City together with Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of State Secretariat and Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms.

b. Smart City Training

Center for Digital Society has forged collaboration with Ministry of Home Affairs and Microsoft to conduct smart city training with the theme of smart city development in Indonesia. Starting with ten participants from different regencies and cities were trained in the scope of smart. Today, the smart city training is opened for regional and city governments throughout the nation.

c. Public Hearing and Symposium

The hearing and national symposium that CfDS has initiated was started with the national joint collaboration with national and regional governments, especially in the issue of e-government and digital policies. The final aim of both activities is to instigate and ensure the positive collaboration for better and comprehensive policy framework based on research

d. Involvement in Siberkreasi; National Movement on Digital Literacy

CfDS actively participate and cooperate with National Movement on Digital Literacy Siberkreasi since the very beginning. Siberkreasi is a group with shared interest ranging from various background institutions to make a more digitally literate Indonesia. More than 52 institutions have involved under the umbrella of Siberkreasi.




2. Events

2.1. Routine Events

a. CfDS CEO Talk

CfDS CEO Talk adopts the concept of ‘casual’ talk show where CfDS invites the reputable and respected CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of national and international digital companies as the main guest. The invited CEO will share the experience in facing the challenges of the digital era.

b. Digitalk Series

Digitalk is a regular discussion session which discusses the contemporary topic about digital society trends, practices and problems in Indonesia and in the world. Digitalk regularly invites lecturer, academician, practitioners, as well as other college students who share inspiring stories and possess passion and interest in the issue of digital society.

c. Digital Future Discussion (Difussion)

CfDS Monthly Discussion is a new agenda that will regularly be held every month. This discussion adopts mini public lecture concept and invites the staff of CfDS as the main speaker. The event is open for public and does not require the fee to attend. The topic of discussion is about the current articles and salient topic research conducted by CfDS team.

2.2. Partnership Events

a. Campaigns/ Festival

CfDS also cooperates with partners to declare campaign on certain digital issues via media and also a direct public platform, like the festival in Yogyakarta. The topic of both platforms depends on the concern of CfDS and the partners.

b. Workshops

CfDS has established l a limited scope of workshops for staffs and publics with the current theme trending in the digital world.

c. Public Discussion/ Public Lecture

CfDS invites public figures in public discussion and public lectures that are being held daily in the Faculty. The public figures offer the different opinions in the perspectives of non-academic backgrounds side of which is highly coherent to the study conducted by students, especially in the case of digital issues.