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Combining Edge Computing and AI for A More Efficient and Secure IoT

Mon, 04 Nov 2019

In October 2016 the US was hit with a staggering distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack causing extensive outages and interruptions of sites such as Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, and others.[1] This attack was linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) where a piece of malware scanned the inte... Read More

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How Decentralized Computing Provides more Safe and Democratic Internet Ecosystem

Mon, 07 Oct 2019

Data protection is one of the most paramount issues in the digital era. Concerns over data breach, surveillance, and micro-targeting are rising along with many news and reports telling us such things. Starting from Cambridge Analytica, 2018 Google Breach, and many more on the list. In Indonesia, the... Read More

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How Cloud Computing Transforms Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa

Sun, 30 Sep 2018

Introduction The adoption of cloud computing—a technology model that allows the use of configurable computing resources (network, server, storage, and application) on-demand[1] launch such as Microsoft 365 and Google Apps—has become increasingly popular in South Africa. The diffusion... Read More

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What is Cloud Computing?

Tue, 25 Sep 2018

Questions: What is Cloud Computing? How will Cloud Computing improve our lives? What is the current state of Cloud Computing infrastructure in Indonesia? Introductions Cloud Computing is a new kind of technology that for several years have gained significant traction and media atte... Read More

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Digital Bibliography #10: Cloud Computing

Fri, 21 Sep 2018

Technology's rapid advancement had changed the way in which we interact and conduct our daily lives. Every day, new ideas and innovations are being disseminated through the interconnected web networks which are intertwined with the tip of our finger. One of the most impressive contemporary digit... Read More

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CfDS DigiTimes Series #7: Transforming Society through Cloud Computing: A Socio-Economic Analysis

Wed, 22 Nov 2017

Cloud computing has become one of the promising tools to achieve positive transformation in society. Its capability to provide ease of access by bridging multiple system or computer program with unprecedented transfer rate is potential to bring efficiency in public sphere. This Digitimes series will... Read More