[PRESS RELEASE] Artificial Intelligence: Is it Important to be Adopted by Organization in Indonesia? | DigiTalk #50

October 7, 2021 4:39 pm || By

7 October 2021— Artificial Intelligence is one of the most significant agendas of management systems on organizations in Indonesia. As advanced technology, AI has a vital role in organizations to transform the work sectors of humans. To discuss this matter further, CfDS collaborated with Huawei Indonesia on DigiTalk #50 with the title “Artificial Intelligence: Is it Important to be Adopted by Organization in Indonesia?” inviting Usman Niandinata as Business Development Director Huawei Cloud Indonesia and moderated by Diah Angendari as Executive Secretary CfDS. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqVCdMMteoE). (30/09/2021)

AI’s roles in Industries

AI has been exist since long time ago. We still remember when super computer IBM Deep Blue in 1997, arranged explicitly by the algorithm to play chess as one of the AI implementation. It is interpreted as series of data collection and managing processes that the results can give directions for making conclusions. Meanwhile, big data is the massive amount of data collected from varieties of censors transferred and processed by machine learning to be categorized. The development of AI is believed to succeed in reshaping industry order in some sectors, such as finance, digital bank, information, and technology, which adopt technologies swiftly. Further, Usman said, Eventually, all industries will adopt AI. The presence of pandemic is also forcing companies to shift the traditional way of work.” He also argued that AI adoption is unlimited, not only on big organizations with great sources. Even AI has helped medium-sized organizations such as SMs, primarily to advertise on e-commerce and social media, which is one of the processes in which AI technology plays a role.

Huawei’s Role as ICT Technology for Developing Intelligent World

Huawei has made efforts to create an intelligent world that encompasses some services such as AI, 5G, and cloud. Its activities prove Huawei’s intention for forming the intelligent world to support Indonesian society connectivity. They are also the pioneer for presenting 5G technology, even now just developing 6g connection. Furthermore, Huawei had created the AI platform mentioned as ModelArt, which contains data templates and knowledge templates that can be used to program AI logic open to the whole community.

AI is a technology that has been used in society’s lives since a long time ago. Moreover, Usman’s observations saw that the implementations of AI in Indonesia are already advanced enough, reflecting from its user behavior, such as the use of gadgets for communication, work, or health needs with telemedicine applications.

Aside from its advantages, AI also gives challenges for the shifting of skills and job vacancies. Therefore, digital skills become essential in addition to infrastructure development. Usman Niandinata also said, “Smart People don’t need to be afraid and worrying about how computers replace human work. This is a digital transformation era as momentum when we have to be part of it. Make it as an encouragement for us to learn something new. We have to be able to ride the wave”, he concluded.

Writer: Septiana Noor
Editor: Ruth T. Simanjuntak