[PRESS RELEASE] MENPANRB, KOMINFO RI, CfDS UGM, & Google Indonesia Responding to Cyber ​​Security Risks in Indonesia’s SPBE Implementation | DET #13

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Youtube CfDS UGM, July 21, 2022 – Digital transformation in the Indonesian government sector is still experiencing several obstacles in service optimization and cyber security. In response to this, the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) Universitas Gadjah Mada collaborated with Google Cloud Indonesia held a Digital Expert Talk #13 entitled Cyber ​​Security in the Implementation of an Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) in Indonesia. The event was attended by Prof. Achmad Djunaedi (Research Advisor CfDS UGM), Cahyo Tri Birowo, ST., MTI (Assistant Deputy for Policy and Coordination of SPBE Implementation), Agung Basuki (APTIKA National Data Center Team), and Ardian Silvano (Cloud Customer Engineer Google Cloud Indonesia).

The joint discussion activity was one of the efforts to understand the challenges and ways to improve cyber security in implementing SPBE. Prof. Achmad Djunaedi opened the discussion by describing the benefits of implementing SPBE in Indonesia. He then continued that cyber security is one of the critical foundations of SPBE, “The Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) or e-government has now begun to be implemented in Indonesia and needs to be supported by strong cyber security. This is important and should not be left behind. It is impossible to develop technology without having guards and awareness of the importance of these safeguards.”

In terms of implementation, Cahyo Tri Birowo also shared the landscape of the digital ecosystem framework, which includes the integration of SPBE from the central to regional government levels. He explained that related to the realization of Government 4.0 for excellent public services, the government needs to create a world-class bureaucracy with a strategy of organizational transformation and transformation of work systems.

Agung Basuki responded to this phenomenon by explaining the efforts of Kominfo in supporting the government to accelerate the use of electronic public services. Agung explained that the number of apps and data centres in Indonesia based on agencies at the central and regional levels was not optimal. This shows the need for standardization of apps, data centres, and civil servants’ capabilities that the government currently needs in tackling cybersecurity risks in implementing SPBE. “Currently, the government is still developing Indonesia’s ‘on-demand’ digital infrastructure to be able to provide cloud-based and high-standard government services to increase its availability and the security of information.”

As a practitioner, Ardian Silvano confirmed that digital security is not considered an important issue in Indonesia, both in the public and private sectors. He also explained how to carry out a scalable and structured cybersecurity transformation, “Google, through its Framework system, is an answer for today’s digital security needs. The Security & Resilience Framework (SRF) can be used as a guide and a tool to reduce the risk of preventing cybercrime and help agencies be proactive in dealing with the threat of cybercrime.”

The entire event can be watched again on the CfDS Youtube channel via the following link:

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