[PRESS RELEASE] Huawei Indonesia, CfDS UGM, Kominfo & APJII Respond to 5G Infrastructure for Indonesia’s Digital Economy | DET #14

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Writer: Dea Arum Komala
Editor : Firya Qurratu’ain

Youtube CfDS UGM, August 19, 2022 – Indonesia’s digital economy is projected to be one of the essential aspects of Indonesia’s future economic growth. This requires support for supporting infrastructure such as 5G, which is currently being promoted in Indonesia. In response to this, the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) Universitas Gadjah Mada, in collaboration with Huawei Indonesia, held Digital Expert Talk #14 entitled 5G Services to Boost Indonesia’s Digital Economy. The event was attended by Muhammad Rosidi (Director of ICT Strategy & Business Huawei Indonesia), Syarif Lumintarjo (Head of Coordinator IIX & Data Center), and Adis Alifiawan (Policy Analyst -Ministry of Communication and Informatics RI).

The panel discussion was one of the efforts to understand the challenges and the extent of the 5G infrastructure development efforts planned by the government and various other stakeholders. Adis Alifiawan opened the discussion by explaining the current KEMKOMINFO priority program plans, there were 1. Development of Digital Infrastructure 2. Optimizing the Digital Economy 3. Structuring the Radio Frequency Spectrum, 5G, and Analog Switch Off (ASO).

Regarding the role of 5G as an accelerator of Indonesia’s digital economy growth, “We predict 5G for the Digital Economy can help contribute to National GDP, create jobs, and act as new potential revenue streams for industries. When asked why 5G, it’s because when 5G comes in, the need for 4G equity is high, and it will push the demand for 4G & spreads wider.”

Regarding infrastructure providers/vendors, Muhammad Rosidi also shared the landscape of the challenges of accelerating and distributing internet infrastructure in implementing 5G in Indonesia. He told the audience how Huawei, an ICT Infrastructure & smart device provider, noticed three things that affect new technology: demand, supply, and experiences. Demand, he explained, has a domino effect, such as the need for a 4G market to have a domino effect into 5G. With this, it was necessary to supply to meet the needs of each region, which would later bring up experience in individuals, homes, or industries. When responding to cyber security in 5G, Muhammad Rosidi said cybersecurity is Huawei’s top priority. He said, “The challenge is Indonesia’s geography, but this can be anticipated with the collaboration of all stakeholders from the government (regulation) & supported by industry and Huawei as a provider. In terms of security, Huawei has complied with global standards. Still, it needs the support of all parties such as users, organizations, internet service providers, application developers, and ICT network providers to have a secure digital transformation ecosystem network.”

Syarif Lumintarjo responded to this phenomenon by explaining the prerequisites for a comprehensive and universal adoption of internet services in Indonesia. Syarif explained that bandwidth needs & internet latency are essential things that characterize 5G, so the internet factor was the main foundation of infrastructure for digital transformation in Indonesia. “Another prerequisite for developing the digital economy to run smoothly is digital literacy and technology adoption. The knowledge of digital literacy and adoption will help people bring out the benefit of 5G, leads to digital economy boost.”

The whole event can be rewatched on the CfDS Youtube channel via the following link:

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