[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS in Collaboration with Ministry of Communication Provide Digital Literacy for Communities in Yogyakarta | DigiTalk #52 

August 24, 2022 4:26 pm || By

Yogyakarta, 18 August 2022 – Center for Digital Society (CfDS) together with the Ministry of Communication and Technology and Siberkreasi, held training activities for communities that focused on issues around digital literacy, with the title “Be Wise with Digital Finance: Financial Product Discussion in Digital Era”. At this event, CfDS visits the minority religious community in Yogyakarta. 

This activity presented Risa Fajarwati, as Head of the Sub-Division of Licensing Information and Documentation, OJK Yogyakarta Branch, Pdt. Tomy H. Wibowo, GBI Senior Pastor, New Generation Yogyakarta, and CfDS Researcher, Amelinda Pandu K. The aim of this activity is increasing the knowledge and awareness of individuals in the use of digital financial products and services. Considering that currently various of digital financial products and services have developed and circulated in society. However, there are still many of them who do not use this technology wisely, or even get caught in fraud cases. 

The existing financial technology can be one of the supports for economic progress in Indonesia. But, if the utilization is still not appropriate, it will backfire and can harm the society” said Risa in her presentation. 

The fact is the current digitalization of technology creates faster and wider access to financial inclusion for society. If it is viewed in a positive side, of course financial inclusion provides convenience for the society. And from the negative side, the convenience offered does make people forget and act consumptive. 

“Many people are rash in making decisions, because of the lack of literacy they have. The platform should be able to create and market its products ethically, without misleading its consumers into debt traps. So, all stakeholders have a responsibility to advance fintech technology in Indonesia” said Amelinda. 

Therefore, current technological developments cannot be separated from the capabilities of the user and the purpose of their use. We can control and be aware of the various risks that exist in the advancement of digital finance as much as possible. As a representative of community Pdt. Tomy H. Wibowo said that his community often held digital literacy discussions. 

“In the Church, discussions are often held to communicate development and transformation of digital finance through the existing groups, to discuss new financial products and the dangers that may come. We also remind each other how to control ourselves not to be too trusting and justify any means for quick results,” Tomy said at the end of his presentation.