[PRESS RELEASE] Soft Skills Development in Preparing for Your Tech Careers | Difussion #80 with Progate

October 18, 2022 8:01 pm || By

The digitalization era has opened many new jobs and companies are assimilating technological roles in order to support their business development. Hence, now there are many jobs with a technological orientation. To fulfill the market demand more skills are needed. This skill development issue is then discussed by CfDs in Difussion #80 with the topic of “Soft Skills Development in Preparing for Your Tech Careers” with Progate. This Forum which was held on Monday (10/10) invited 2 speakers which are Norman Ganto, Country Manager from Progate and Iradad Wirid, Secretary Executive from CfDs UGM. This event is also moderated by Ari Lathifah, Business Development Intern at Progate. Difussion #80 could also be accessed through CfDs YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1_pu26PkJY&t=4790s).

The discussion begins with Norman Ganto where according to him, soft-skills are the ability to adapt to the working environment. Not only in the scope of the job description but also the adaptability towards colleagues, cultures, locations, etc. Ganto added that soft skills are attitude, flexibility, motivation and good character one must own. “Hard skills going to get you a job, but soft skills  are the reason for the company to do promotion and maintain their employees.” Says Ganto. Not only that, Ganto shares strategies to obtain needed soft skills and he divided them into 3 ways, the first is to gain experience through internships, the second is to be active in organizations with external orientation or company partnerships and the third is to do upskilling through additional education and Bootcamp training.

“As a digital native, many people don’t realize and took it for granted how powerful the internet is. If society could use the internet better, there are many things that one could do such as sharpening skills or even making a living through the internet.” Ganto added.

The discussion then continued with Iradad Wirid, who talks about “Various soft skills in Digital Industry”, this topic was then discussed while also introducing CfDs. Wirid believes, there’s need to be more awareness for people to learn the use of new technologies, because in the future, through digitalization, technology will even more be integrated with all life aspects. Everyone, regardless of their study background, needs to up skill themselves in tech skills. Wirid then explains the focus of CfDS as a research institute which are divided into three, first is Digital Society, Digital Governance and the last is Telecommunication and ICT. Eventhough CfDS has a digital oriented research, this doesn’t mean that students from different background couldn’t work or participated in.

“To anyone who is not in technological studies, you need to know that 90% of the workers in CfDs are not IT majors. There are a lot of ways to get into the industry. For example, students with a law major could go for the legal team, I came from a political major so I could apply for government relations. This multidiscipline ability is what I think would be the next trend.” Wirid added.

As his closing statement, Ganto stated “We all have 24 hours. We could change our habits from browsing Instagram to watching educational videos on the topic we’re learning, and during lunch, we could read something while eating. Change those habits into substantial things. It is one of many ways we could include small productive matters which in the future will change into useful skills in the future.”

Writer: Anja Litani Ariella 
Editor: Firya Qurratu’ain Abisono