[PRESS RELEASE] Legality in the Digital Era: The Relevance of IP on Regulating AI-generated Arts | Difusion #83

January 30, 2023 10:31 am || By

CfDS Youtube Channel, 24 January 2023 – Intellectual property (IP) has an important role in human life because it provides legal protection and economic value in it. One sector that cannot be separated from its role is Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the rise of the emergence of AI raises questions about its legality. Responding to this, the Center for Digital Society in Difussion #83 discussed the theme “Legality in the Digital Era: The Relevance of IP n Regulating AI-generated Arts”, intending to provide insight into the relevance of IP in the creation, problems, and future of AI. The two speakers – Bhredipta Socarana, LL.M. and Perdana Karim – participating in this Difussion #83. The discussion moderated by Jasmine Putri, a Researcher at the Center for Digital Society, can be accessed via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGRLEJeAYls

Intellectual Property

The discussion was opened with a description of the material presented by Bhredipta Socarana, LL.M., by analyzing a variety of intellectual property. KI has characteristics that cannot be separated in commercialization which of course are regulated, one of which is in Law no. 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright. Copyright itself is an exclusive right of the creator that appears automatically based on a declarative principle after creation is realized in a tangible form without reducing restrictions following statutory regulations.

However, in its application, copyright is still considered a matter of little importance, so in this discussion, Bhredipta explains the operationalization of copyright protection that can be carried out by creators if there is a form of copyright infringement that occurs, one of which is AI. “Every use of technology always has an impact so always be careful, especially in AI. Therefore, we must be wise in utilizing digital technology,” said Bhredipta.

Artificial Intelligence

AI creation provides opportunities for illustrators and artists to produce both visual and audio output. However, the potential for problems in AI cannot be prevented, like a domino effect. This has implications for the emergence of a series of similar events that occur due to the cumulative effect of one event.

Another problem that arises is the operation which is still minimal. In Indonesia itself, technology is still far from perfect due to limitations from AI and low Human Resources in operating it. Legality and social acceptance are felt to be ambiguous and unclear, so harmony between humans and machines is needed if AI is to be used in the future and accepted by the general public. “Indonesia does not have capable manpower to develop AI, like other countries. Website and Microsoft Word operations are also still very low. It is predicted that until 2030, Indonesia will still experience a labor recession that has a digital divide,” Karim said, closing the discussion.

Writer: Muhammad Alfasya Sybil Sholatar