[Press Release] Media Pop Digital: Inovasi atau Patologi Jurnalistik? | Difussion #85

February 17, 2023 7:10 pm || By

CfDS Youtube Channel, 9 Februari 2023 – Nowadays, social media is something that cannot be separated from the information’s development. Along with its growth, social media has succeeded in sparking the birth of digital pop media which is considered creative and light. However, digital pop media is considered not in accordance with existing journalistic standards. Noticing this, Center for Digital Society initiated an online discussion to respond to this issue in Difussion #85 “Digital Pop Media: Journalistic Innovation or Pathology?, to further describe journalistic ethics and digital pop media phenomena that are becoming a trend in this era. Wisnu Prasetya Utomo (Lecturer at the Department of Communication Science, FISIPOL UGM) and Bhena Geerushtia (Remotivi Project Manager) took part in this Difussion #85. The discussion moderated by Chevien Dhamhudy, Minister of Strategic Studies BEM FISIP UNMUL, can be accessed via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggPsNRf91I 

The Differences between Mass Media and Journalism

Opening his presentation, Wisnu Prasetya Utomo emphasized one important thing, namely that the mass media does not necessarily carry out journalistic practices, but the practice of journalism definitely uses the mass media because the aim is to cover a wider audience. The mass media does not have to carry out journalistic practices because they are in a completely different area.

Furthermore, Wisnu explained that the emergence of digital pop media itself was due to technological disruption and distrust of journalism and mainstream media. “This digital pop media uses youth engagement as an ecosystem in the digital world, but unfortunately this engagement gets a lot of negative things by displaying sensational information so that stakeholders and media regulators must also participate in improving this ecosystem through their authority,” explained Wisnu.

Media Development in the Digital Era

Today the media is so diverse that the public can make information individually compared to before. Social media transforms journalism practices from production to dissemination which is indicated by the fact that the production costs of mainstream media are getting smaller. This raises a new question, namely whether the media is not currently taking to the field to prove the information or only employ the copywriters in making news.

Due to the fact, there is a factual disconnect between the media and the reality presented in most Youth-Oriented Social Media News Accounts. “The most important thing that must be emphasized is not to see the public as a market, but as a public that has the right to fair and balanced information. However, this will be very difficult to do. Therefore, when compared to making new regulations, it will be much more effective if it strengthens the oversight mechanism,” said Bhena closing the discussion.

Writer: Muhammad Alfasya Syabil Sholatar