[Press Release] Digital Tech Start-up Introduction | DECISION – JALA #1

April 4, 2023 10:36 am || By

YouTube Channel CfDS, March 28, 2023 – In the era of revolution 4.0, technology makes an easy way to human life in various sectors. One of the sectors that benefited from the existence of technology is aquaculture and sustainable farming. JALA is the dream app of the shrimp farmer, designed to monitor remotely using big data technology that has significantly changed the farming industry. Indonesia’s traditional shrimp farms have a low productivity level. Therefore, JALA accommodates a system for shrimp farmers to increase production through data-driven decision-making. In response, the Center for Digital Society collaborated with Jala Tech to discuss an End-to-end Farming Solution. Christine Kombong (Head of Impact, Jala Tech) was the speaker at this event and was guided by Elshaddai Hosanna (Community Outreach Assistant CfDS) as the moderator.

Challenges in Indonesia’s Shrimp Farming Ecosystem

Christine opened her discussion by mentioning that in 2024 Indonesia is required to produce around 250% increase in shrimp export. However, there are various challenges faced by shrimp farmers that must be addressed. Firstly, the yield in shrimp farming is unpredictable due to weather, emerging shrimp diseases, lack of funding, and the limited number of human resources experts in processing the data to manage the shrimp farming ecosystem. 

Moreover, in the cultivation chain, there are problems regarding the lack of accessible information and knowledge related to cultivation owned by shrimp farmers. Other challenges are also related to the need to improve water quality which is an important factor in the success of shrimp farming. Also for the record, 250 thousand hectares of mangroves have been cut down which has resulted in a decrease in water quality.

De-Risking the Shrimp Industry with Big Data

In response to issues, JALA, a startup that focused only on developing hardware to monitor shrimp farming remotely, expanded their service to provide an integrated app for data storing. When the data has been collected, there will be an evaluation and insight curation to optimize efficiency and farming operations. In addition, JALA aspires for various changes in the shrimp industry, such as through the mangrove reforestation, intensification through technology and data-based ponds, renewable energy, access to finance and markets, and certification.

JALA developed beyond just an application. JALA has successfully conducted events to raise Indonesia’s shrimp farmers’ awareness of technology. “JALA approaches groups in the eight-month program, in two farming cycles, by providing best practices, such as measuring the weight of shrimp assisted by a field assistant. Hopefully, this activity can help shrimp pond cultivation become a precise sector.

Writer: Muhammad Alfasya Syabil Sholatar
Editor: Nadya Olga Aletha