[Press Release] Cloud Computing 101: Introduction to Cloud Computing in the Digital Age | Difusion #90

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YouTube Channel CfDS, April, 10th 2023 – The digital era is marked by the technological advances that have positive impacts, such as speeding up communication and making work easier. Both of these positive impacts can be achieved through software called Cloud Computing. This software plays an important role in managing company data, good IT infrastructure management, and reducing computing costs. Seeing the urgency brought by Cloud Computing, CfDS collaborated with Wowrack, the most advanced and the best Cloud provider company in Indonesia, in #90 Difussion “Cloud Computing 101: Introduction of Cloud Computing in the Digital Age”, to introduce Cloud Computing to the public as a new breakthrough in the digital world. This discussion was attended by Nehemia Rhemayuwardi A. (Marketing Manager Wowrack Indonesia) and M Perdana Sasmita Jati-Karim (CfDS Research Project Officer) as guest speakers and moderated by Allysa Putri Rendri (CfDS Partnership Assistant). The discussion can be accessed via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qs8IpaDZ5g

Cloud Computing Strengths and Weaknesses

Perdana Karim opened the discussion by explaining Cloud Computing which is a term to describe the delivery of computing services. The distinguishing feature of cloud computing is that this service is provided on demand. This computing company offers three services, namely Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud Computing has the advantage of saving on services, ensuring application availability, having strong security measures, and being accessible from anywhere using an internet connection. However, this software also requires a good internet connection so that when the internet is weak, it will interfere with service performance. In addition, cloud computing providers usually provide limited control.

Cloud Computing in Daily Life

Cloud computing can be analogous to video game streaming (Wreck it Ralph), previously, this game was available offline, but with the internet, this game can be played by multiple users simultaneously. The internet makes Cloud Computing increasingly expand its network to distribute larger data to servers. The data processed on the server will present data that will be consumed simultaneously. Therefore, many companies then use this service to provide benefits to humans.

The system used in Cloud Computing creates new outputs, such as Telehealth Consulting (Halodoc), Learning Platform (Ruang Guru), and Industry 4.0 (SmartCity). “With the various types of cloud available and the ever-increasing demand for cloud computing, Indonesia needs a young IT generation that can support the needs of Indonesia’s 270 million people. Let’s become a part of this young generation and strive to build the Indonesian IT industry,” said Nehemia closing the discussion.

Author: Muhammad Alfasya Syabil Sholatar
Editor: Nadya Olga Aletha