[PRESS RELEASE] Indonesian People’s Confusion on Reacting to “New Normal” Implementation | Press Conference
Tue, 16 Jun 2020 || By Admin CfDS

Yogyakarta, June 16th, 2020 - In an effort to revitalize the economy after the COVID-19 came, the Indonesian government rolled out a "New Normal" discourse; an appeal from the government to the people to continue to carry out their normal activities, but by adding a health protocol to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Various reactions also arise from citizens. To find out more about the dynamics of citizens' reactions in responding to the "New Normal" discourse in Indonesia, Center for Digital Society (CfDS) conducted a popular research titled "New Normal Is Not Being Responded Seriously by Indonesian Citizens", which will be disseminated through an online press conference on Tuesday (16/6 ) via Google Meet while simultaneously being broadcast live through YouTube.


"New Normal" Discourse in Indonesia

This research was carried out by taking data from online news and Twitter with a period from 7 May to 5 June 2020. Until this research was carried out, the implementation of the "New Normal" discourse in Indonesia was based on at least 9 government letters (Surat Keputusan) between Indonesian ministries and institutions. "The Indonesian government uses 3 (three) approaches and 11 (eleven) regional health indicators in implementing the" New Normal discourse,” said Diah, CfDS researcher.


Furthermore, from 9,236 online news articles by various official media registered within the Indonesian Press Council (Dewan Pers), CfDS found that news reporting "New Normal" was dominated by optimism from the economic and business sectors. Different things were found from stakeholders in the health sector who stated that the implementation of "New Normal" in Indonesia was considered too early.


The use of the term "New Normal" is also often found to be used in a quite positive ‘frame’, while the easing of the Large-Scale Social Limitation (or PSBB) gets a negative meaning. "In fact, these two terms are the same thing, because the implementation of" New Normal "is marked by the easing of the PSBB," said Diah.


"New Normal" in the View of Twitter Citizens

There are some interesting findings from the analysis of 112,471 tweets on Twitter related to "New Normal". There are 5 types of accounts that dominate the conversation, such as accounts from public officials, government agencies, online media, menfess, and popular Twitter accounts. "In the menfess Twitter account and the popular Twitter account, it can be seen that citizens feel the implementation of “New Normal"is too early. Citizens give criticism through jokes or the language of sarcasm. In addition, many also responded to this discourse with memes or jokes that were not directly related to the "New Normal" discourse,” said Iradat, CfDS researcher.


Conclusions and Recommendations related to the Implementation of "New Normal" in Indonesia

Based on the analysis, CfDS saw that there was confusion in the community regarding the protocol for implementing the "New Normal". CfDS also saw that some elements of the community considered that it was still too early to start implementing "New Normal". Therefore, a review related to the application of "New Normal" needs to be carried out, along with the formulation of a more comprehensive and detailed "New Normal" protocol, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding from the public.


Writer: Raka Wicaksono