[PRESS RELEASE] The Role of Technology in Accelerating MSMEs’ Growth | DigiTalk #42
Mon, 13 Jul 2020 || By Admin CfDS

            Yogyakarta, July 10th, 2020 - Along with the increasing intensity of digital transactions and technological adoption in economic activities, it becomes crucial for MSMEs to have knowledge in adopting digital technology, to help the development and competitiveness of their businesses. In this series of DigiTalk #42, Center for Digital Society (CfDS) invited Yosia Sugialam, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from Paper.id, a software-as-a-service provider company that offers convenience in managing business in the digital era. On this occasion, Yosia shared his experiences and insights related to the business landscape in the digital era, especially in the pandemic era, and other tips on the use of technology for MSMEs. The event was held via the Google Meet platform and was broadcasted live through YouTube on Friday (10/07).


Adoption of Digital Technology as a Business Resilience Strategy in the Pandemic Era

It is undeniable that the presence of a pandemic has affected business in various sectors. Some MSMEs also have to adapt to this situation, and one strategy that can be done is to ‘transform’ business processes from conventional methods to the adoption of various digital technologies. Yosia believes that the challenges faced by MSMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic can actually accelerate the process of digital technology adaptation for MSMEs. Furthermore, Yosia also shared several factors that must be considered before starting any business. First, the foresight in observing available business opportunities and the tenacity in facing the challenges of having a business. "The first year in building a business is usually the most difficult process," said Yosia. Second, Yosia also stressed the importance of choosing business partners who have capabilities that can complement each other and have a similar vision and mission with us. "Today, all businesses are businesses that inevitably have to adopt digital technology, so people who will or who want to start their businesses are expected to adopt digital technology from the beginning of the business, so that the business is not left behind," explained Yosia.


Why SMEs Should Adopt Digital Technology?

            According to Yosia, with various challenges faced by MSME entrepreneurs today, digitizing business is a benefical option. Yosia said that by adopting digital technology in the business process, MSMEs can reduce additional costs that might arise when it runs conventional business processes. Beside helping MSMEs in focusing their core business, the use of digital technology is also an option that is more demanded by the public at this time, especially in pandemic when it is required to limit any direct physical contacts. The government has also provided various supports for the MSMEs’ digitalization process, considering that MSME is an important component in the Indonesian economy. According to Yosia, the adaptation of digital technology to MSMEs does not have to be massive, but can be done gradually. In addition, Yosia also stressed the importance of technology that is simple, free, and has a variety of features. "Don't be afraid to start the process of digitalizing your business, because actually there are more benefits compared to the cost when we choose to adopt digital technology in our business," concluded Yosia.


Writer: Aldo Rafi P. S.

Editor: Raka Wicaksono