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[PRESS RELEASE] Legality in the Digital Era: The Relevance of IP on Regulating AI-generated Arts | Difusion #83


CfDS Youtube Channel, 24 January 2023 – Intellectual property (IP) has an important role in human life because it provides legal protection and economic value in it. One sector that cannot be separated from its role is Artificial Intelligence (AI). […]

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PeduliLindungi: Lessons from the Successful E-Government Platform


Author: Irnasya Shafira Editor: M Perdana Karim Indonesia has always had a vision of a much more digitized nation. It rings true from the very first time Presidential Instruction No. 6 Year 2001 on the Development and Utilization of Telematics […]

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Is Indonesia’s e-Government Ready? A Review from the Reality Perspective

Author: Dhalia Ndaru Herlusiatri Rahayu Editor: M Perdana Karim Current Implementation of Indonesia’s e-Government Program and Future Goals Indonesia’s e-Government system, also known as System Pemerintahan Berbasis Elektronik (SPBE), is a government administration system that utilizes information and communication technology […]

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Boosting the Digital Economy in the Data-Driven Age: Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Rizka Khairunissa Herdiani Editor: M Perdana Karim With the presence of digital technology in our lives, it is not surprising that data has become a valuable resource as many are becoming more integrated within the digital space. The value […]

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Right to be Forgotten: Privacy Protection or Track Record Deletion?

Author: M Irfan Dwi Putra Editor: M Perdana Karim The House of Representatives officially passed the Personal Data Protection Bill on September 20, 2022. The passage of the PDP Law became a significant step related to protecting personal data in […]

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The Narration of War in Digital Media: Historical Legacy or Nightmare?

Author: Hilman Nurjaman Editor: M Perdana Karim The phenomenon of war has recently become a top-discussed issue, not only in the physical space of the countries involved, Russia and Ukraine but also in the transnational digital space. Technology, the internet, […]

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Digitization of Ethnic Instruments

Author: Fransiskus Asisi Arya Seta Wicaksana Editor: M Perdana Karim Ethnic instruments of the world were facing extinction during the advancement of music technology. The rise of globalization with the extended range of communication and information exchange could just worsen […]

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Digital Piracy in the Third World Countries

Author: Fransiskus Asisi Arya Seta Wicaksana Editor: M Perdana Karim Digital Piracy is just like an everyday custom that was practiced in third-world countries. The notion and term of piracy are often seen as a crime among first world countries […]

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The Power of Documentaries: A Tool to Spark Social Change?

Author: Katya Loviana Editor: M Perdana Karim Social Dilemma, Britney vs. Spears, and Tinder Swindler are three of the most memorable movies released during the pandemic, and they are classified as documentaries. Before the streaming era, documentaries might not be […]

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Copy-Paste: A Feature that Tempts Work Efficiency

Author: Hilman Nurjaman Editor: M Perdana Karim In today’s digital space, the internet can be said to be a source of temptation to copy or steal ideas, words, and everything related to other people’s intellectual rights that are difficult to […]

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