The Double-Edged Sword of Fintech Lending


Author: Katya Athiyyaputri LovianaEditor: Amelinda Pandu Kusumaningtyas The development of financial technology, or fintech in short, has rocketed over the last decade in Indonesia. Many innovations emerge, ranging in almost every financial aspect, including lending. The SME-dominated business environment of […]

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On Human Behavior Towards Technology and Ambivalence as Intervention

On Human Behavior Towards Technology and Ambivalence as Intervention Author : Alfredo PutrawidjoyoEditor  : Anisa Pratita Mantovani             Richard Brautigan was an American poet who, in 1967, wrote All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. A poem, written while […]

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Beyond Cute Animal Rescue Videos: Driving Factors of the Rise of Animal Cruelty Content in Social Media and How to Tackle Them

Author: Febe SarahEditor: Amelinda Pandu Kusumaningtyas If you are an active social media user, chances are you have seen a video of animal rescue or monkeys behaving like humans. These videos might seem wholesome, entertaining, and inspiring, even. But, unfortunately, research […]

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K-Pop in Indonesia and the Pandemic: Popularity and Consumption Changes

It’s no surprise that K-Pop has become one of the major music genres in Indonesia with large dedicated fan bases and casual listeners. K-Pop artists are now dominating advertisements of Indonesian brands across online and offline platforms. The pandemic is […]

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Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities


Author: Katya LovianaEditor: M Perdana Karim As technology constantly develops, the topic of cybersecurity and the act of cybercrime also became more diverse, complex, and advanced. The pandemic that significantly transformed the role of technology in people’s working and personal […]

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Master Your Writing: Literacy on Grammar Checkers and Digital Skill


Author: Alfredo PutrawidjoyoEditor: Anisa Pratita Kirana Mantovani “Master language, master the world,” says Narabahasa, the educational wing of the Language Development and Fostering Agency (Badan Bahasa) which itself is part of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. […]

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Metaverse in Indonesia: A Hype or Hope?


Penulis: Zakiah FadhilaEditor: Trevilliana Eka Putri The public cannot help but pay attention to Joko Widodo’s speech on the Nahdlatul Ulama’s 34th Muktamar, Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization’s event, because he mentioned Metaverse as if the fame that Metaverse has gained […]

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A World Beyond: Metaverse and the K-pop Industry

Author: Jasmine Noor Andhreta PutriEditor: Annisa Pratita Kirana Mantovani Metaverse is of the most talked-about topics in the realm of digital innovation during the last couple of years. This innovation is where avatars can live and do activities in a […]

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Hyperconnectivity on Online Dating Apps: When faced with an Ocean of Choices


Author: Firya Qurratu’ain AbisonoEditor: Amelinda Pandu Kusumaningtyas Since its arrival, online dating apps have brought a revolution in the world of dating. This application no longer seems to be an application that is foreign to the ears of the public, […]

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Welcome to the NFT Hype Train: The Future of Blockchain Technology

Author: Perdana KarimEditor: Amelinda Pandu Kusumaningtyas For the past year, cryptocurrency investment has been a popular trend. People from all over the world have jumped on the hype train that is cryptocurrency. Besides the typical currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

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