Digital Democracy: Are We Ready?


Nowadays everything is entitled with the term “digital”; digital economy; digital education; digital community; digital democracy. Digitalization occurs in various parts of our daily life; from economy to politics. The word “digital” refers to the use of digital media in […]

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Currently, the society is more digitalized. It is difficult to find people, especially in large cities that do not have internet access on their digital devices. The use of internet does not only belong to urban and executive people, but […]

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E-Service: The Faster, The Better

Life tempo is relentlessly accelerated by technology. This includes the service delivered by public agencies. Innovation is continuously required to compete. In delivering public service, innovation is done by implementing technology effectively and efficiently. Various technology enables people to choose […]

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How AEC Challenges Indonesia’s Technopreneurs


    ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), an idea that took years in the making, aims to integrate Southeast Asia’s diverse economies, a region with 620 million people and a combined gross domestic product of $2.4 trillion. The AEC is defined […]

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Accommodating e-Transportation Services in Indonesia


Author: Josia Paska Darmawan Jakarta was in chaos. Thousands of taxi drivers gathered in the Capital last Tuesday to protest against e-transportation services such as Uber and Grab. They argued that the cheap price that these services have offered to […]

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Open Data and Companies’ Competitiveness

    In general, big data and open data have been quite attractive, with large amount of published discussion on this very specific topic. Open data is able to bring significant holistic economic impacts, as viable revenue gains could be […]

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Taxi Drivers Controversy: Prof. Rhenald Kasali, “Sharing Economy” Does Not Sound Right

I personally have always been enjoying Prof. Rhenald Kasali’s writings that are undoubtedly sharp, contemporary, and provoking. Despite that, this time I encourage myself to get in the discussion, responding the writing to enrich our discussion on the very talked-about […]

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Digitalized Indonesia: Big Opportunity, Great Challenge


    Digital technology has become a salient issue in the President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo era. The President’s visit to Silicon Valley was canceled last year on account of worsening haze in Indonesia, but he was able to follow through […]

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The Transformation of Digital Business Model: From Technology to Social


     As the part of the connected world, business in Indonesia can not avoid the phenomeneon of digital globalization. McKinsey’s report titled “Digial Globalization: The new era of Global Flow, mentions that the current emerging global era does not […]

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Digital Economy 101: Definition and Importance


Author: Josia Paska Darmawan The phrase “digital economy” has been increasingly mentioned in the past years, not only by the developed economies but also by the emerging ones. Indonesia, for instance, has set up the Indonesia Digital Economy 2020 vision […]

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