“Bodily Control by Who?”:  Concerns on Intimate Data Security and Explicit Consent in Period-Tracking Apps


Author: Rizka Khairunissa HerdianiEditor: Jasmine Noor Andretha Putri Health-related apps have been integral in assisting people by tracking their well-being in a more accessible and efficient way. Such is the case of period-tracking apps or “menstruapps”. The emergence of these […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS and Campus Fryslân Take Part in Enhancing the Quality of SPBE in Indonesia by Visiting Diskominfo DIY


Digital transformation in the context of the government system (SPBE) still needs to be worked on to be fully realized by the government in Indonesia. Discussions related to the concept of e-government, cyber security, and its infrastructure need to be […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS in Collaboration with Orange Knowledge Program to Address the Challenges and Impacts of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly and is certainly of particular concern for political leaders worldwide because knowledge of AI is essential to be aligned with various sectors, ranging from law, military and security, economy, etc. Thus, this must be […]

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Securing the Cryptospace: The Urgent Need to Regulate the Cryptocurrencies


Author: Irnasya ShafiraEditor: Anisa Pratita Mantovani The creation of Bitcoin as the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment system has radicalized how our payment system works. It is considered a radical new way of making payments, leading to the creation of new […]

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: How Indonesia Netizens Use Doxing as a Weapon to Attack Others

Author: Zakiah FadhilaEditor: Anisa Pratita Mantovani It has always been easy for social media users to find interesting topics to discuss. Because of this, people have been actively using social media as a platform to drop their opinion and eventually […]

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Press Release | Reflection Session #3 Closing Session BLS – Capacity Building on Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Training


Yogyakarta, January 27, 2022, Cyber security has become an unavoidable interest in the current era of digital information. The ongoing pandemic is increasingly driving the transformation of the world into the digital age of information and turning almost all aspects […]

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The Role of Digital Literacy in Raising Cybersecurity Awareness


Faizatush Sholikhah, S.Sos.,M.A. (faizatush.sholikhah@ugm.ac.id)Head of Archives and Records Management Program Study Vocational School UGM The development of information and communication technology affects nearly all lives. Internet use in Indonesia has increased every year over the past decades. Referring to the […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] “Sovereignty and Gender in Cyberspace” | Reflection Session 2


Zoom, September 1, 2021 – As part of efforts to increase capacity in cybersecurity, the Center for Digital Society, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, in collaboration with the Data Research Center, Campus Fryslan, University of Groningen, […]

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The Emergence of Social Cybersecurity: What is it all about?


Increasingly cyber world meant that everything would gain its cyber counterpart; security is no exception. Currently, the world’s attention is hinged on cybersecurity’s technicalities, yet I believe that this should not be the case. Since the pandemic hits, societies all […]

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Using data to improve public order: Because we can, does that mean we should?


Anno Bunik & Oskar Gstrein The collection, analysis, storage and sharing of data has become increasingly popular and important for public institutions. The use of data enhances the capabilities to monitor the environment, as well as groups and individuals. Statistical […]

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