[Press Release] Cloud Computing 101: Introduction to Cloud Computing in the Digital Age | Difusion #90


YouTube Channel CfDS, April, 10th 2023 – The digital era is marked by the technological advances that have positive impacts, such as speeding up communication and making work easier. Both of these positive impacts can be achieved through software called […]

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[Press Release] Digital Tech Start-up Introduction | DECISION – JALA #1


YouTube Channel CfDS, March 28, 2023 – In the era of revolution 4.0, technology makes an easy way to human life in various sectors. One of the sectors that benefited from the existence of technology is aquaculture and sustainable farming. […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Breaking Barriers: Empowering Musicians Through Digital Technology Difussion #89


Nowadays, technology has a big impact on many sectors, including the music industry. With the presence of social media and digital music platforms, Spotify has succeeded in transforming the way musicians promote their songs. At the same time, technology also […]

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[Press Release] Observing the Role of Digital Technology in the 2024 Election and the Presence of Beginner Voters | DESUS #1


Yogyakarta – In order to form a democratic government in accordance with the 1945 Law, the 2024 Election is here to be held by all Indonesian people. Ahead of this election, social media was treated to news about candidacy, campaigns, […]

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CfDS YouTube Channel, 21 March 2023 – Along with the swift advances in today’s technology, the use of the internet has become a necessity for many people. It is important for internet users to have a comprehensive understanding of digital […]

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Basic Techniques for Writing Articles | Bootcamp Kepenulisan CfDS x GNFI


Alifa opened the discussion on the first day by explaining how to find article ideas by analyzing trending things and creating an article outline. This framework uses an inverted pyramid with the most important information arrangement content of the additional […]

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[Press Release] Media Pop Digital: Inovasi atau Patologi Jurnalistik? | Difussion #85


CfDS Youtube Channel, 9 Februari 2023 – Nowadays, social media is something that cannot be separated from the information’s development. Along with its growth, social media has succeeded in sparking the birth of digital pop media which is considered creative […]

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[SIARAN PERS] Merespon Urgensi Peningkatan Literasi Digital dalam Menjawab Tantangan Pemilu 2024 | Digitalk #55


[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS and Perludem Response on How Digital Literacy Matters in the Upcoming 2024 General Election | Digitalk #55 The use of social media and the internet has become an integral part of election campaigns and political party activities, […]

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Kemenaker, Kominfo & UGM Menjawab Tantangan Perbaikan Kerja Layak Ekonomi Gig di Indonesia 


Yogyakarta, 23 September 2022 – Center for Digital Society (CfDS) dalam kolaborasi bersama Fairwork Foundation meluncurkan laporan riset Fairwork Ratings Indonesia 2022: Standar Kerja Layak pada Ekonomi Platform. Kegiatan peluncuran hasil riset tersebut dikemas dalam acara diskusi bersama, Digital Experts […]

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CfDS YouTube Channel, December 14th, 2022 – The COVID-19 pandemic has implicated the learning process’ effectiveness at various education levels. Students and academics are then forced to adapt to technology. The Center for Digital Society examines this matter, through Digitalk […]

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