[PRESS RELEASE] Rooted in Security Basics: Digital hygiene to Avoid Cyber Attack | #Difussion78


The implementation of the internet in various fields brings many benefits to human life. However, in the addition to the benefits, the security side of using the internet needs to be a concern of society. CfDS discusses security issues in […]

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Kominfo Provides Support for the Implementation of the Virtual Meta Learning Academy


Bali, September 3, 2022 – Augmented Reality (AR) is present as one of the technological innovations that can open new opportunities in the virtual space, especially for creative industry. The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) believes that the public […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Kemenkes, Kominfo, CfDS & Google Encourage the Optimization and the Efficiency of Digital Public Service in Indonesia | Digital Experts Talk #15


The use of e-government in Indonesia is still not well-implemented. This is due to various inhibiting factors as well as the challenges that occur in our society. In collaboration with Google Cloud Indonesia, Center for Digital Society (CfDS) responded to […]

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Urgensi Payung Hukum untuk Mengatasi Maraknya Penipuan Digital


CfDS UGM, 25 Agustus 2022 – Mengingat rentannya warga Indonesia menjadi korban penipuan digital yang sangat beragam, Indonesia dinilai butuh payung hukum pembentukan satuan tugas khusus untuk mencegah dan menangani penipuan digital. Rekomendasi itu muncul dalam diskusi peluncuran hasil riset […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] The Platform Economy: The Future of Work? | Panel Discussion Digital Discourses x Goethe Institute


Technological developments which exist to overcome the daily problems also affects the workers behind it. They feel compelled to keep up with the development of this technology in order to remain relevant and necessary in the labour market. The phenomenon […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] CfDS in Collaboration with Ministry of Communication Provide Digital Literacy for Communities in Yogyakarta | DigiTalk #52 

Yogyakarta, 18 August 2022 – Center for Digital Society (CfDS) together with the Ministry of Communication and Technology and Siberkreasi, held training activities for communities that focused on issues around digital literacy, with the title “Be Wise with Digital Finance: […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Huawei Indonesia, CfDS UGM, Kominfo & APJII Respond to 5G Infrastructure for Indonesia’s Digital Economy | DET #14


Writer: Dea Arum KomalaEditor : Firya Qurratu’ain Youtube CfDS UGM, August 19, 2022 – Indonesia’s digital economy is projected to be one of the essential aspects of Indonesia’s future economic growth. This requires support for supporting infrastructure such as 5G, […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Behind the Scenes of Applications: Decent and Fair Work in the Gig Economy? | DigiTalk #51 x Fairwork Foundation


The transformation of consumer serv ice by technology companies opens up opportunities for gig workers. This phenomenon then raises questions related to the welfare of gig workers. CfDS and Fairwork Foundation try to discuss this in DigiTalk #51 “Behind the […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] AI and The Policy Practices Impacting On Racial Profiling | Difussion #77


​​Yogyakarta, July 28, 2022 — Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the breakthroughs in technological progress. Now, many industries have taken advantage of using artificial intelligence for operational activities. The use of artificial intelligence has touched various aspects of daily […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Diffusion #76 – Answering the Challenges of Infrastructure and Digital Literacy in Indonesia


Youtube, 11 July 2022 – Indonesia has a huge digital economy potential with the adoption of technology by its society which tends to be fast. However, the issue of equitable distribution of digital infrastructure must be in line to support […]

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