CfDS & Goethe Institute Indonesia

The phenomenon of the increasing number of digital platforms developing including in terms of technology, economics, health, science fiction, food, and other relevant fields, raises the question of whether this will become something influential in the future. Responding to this, Center for Digital Society (CfDS) and Goethe Institute collaborated to organize various activities inviting researchers from various countries who study this phenomenon to discuss togethers. 

[PRESS RELEASE] #Day1 Digital Discourse: Science/Fiction | Digital Discourse x Goethe Institute Panel Discussion

The emergence of technology has made science fiction which was previously only limited to the realm of imagination, has now become a reality that has changed the way people live.

[PRESS RELEASE] #Day2 Digital Discourse | Digital Discourse x Goethe Institute Panel Discussion

As long as human civilization is still developing, technology will continue to be the most important thing that cannot be updated.

[PRESS RELEASE] The Platform Economy: The Future of Work? | Panel Discussion Digital Discourses x Goethe Institute

Technological developments which exist to overcome the daily problems also affects the workers behind it.