CfDS & GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

The Center for Digital Society and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) collaborated in research as well as discussions with government and social commerce experts. This study is discussing the risks of transactions on social media and their impact on consumers in Indonesia. This qualitative research includes the voice of various stakeholders such as consumer protection associations, NGOs, academicians, and the government. Besides publishing our research works, we also successfully conducted the Digital Expert Talk on the practice of social commerce and Algorithmic Decision Making utilization to maximize service to sellers and buyers based on the data entered by social commerce and e-commerce users. 

Study on Risk for Consumers Due To Algorithmic Decision Making and Profiling by e-Commerce and Social Media Platforms in Indonesia

This study examines the risks of Algorithmic Decision Making
(ADM) on the e-commerce and social commerce for consumers in

Study on Countering Abusive Business and Data Practices in Social Commerce in Indonesia

One of the
channels in which online transactions can be conducted is through social
commerce. Due to its relatively ease of use, consumers have also shifted to
social media platforms to conduct online transactions.

[SIARAN PERS] Social Commerce Menjamur: Apa Risiko bagi Konsumen? | Digital Experts Talk #8

Social commerce facilitates various commercial activities through platforms such as social media in the consumer shopping process, the interaction between merchants and their customers

[PRESS RELEASE] Trapped by Algorithms: Surrender or Turn Back | Digital Experts Talk #9

Today, the Indonesian people’s use of e-commerce and social commerce platforms cannot be separated from Algorithmic Decision Making (ADM) technology. ADM is a particular type of algorithm that is intended to support decision-making.