CfDS x Google: Cybersecurity Series

The Center for Digital Society (CfDS) and Google Indonesia collaborated in holding capacity-building activities as well as discussions with experts related to cyber security issues. This project managed to portray the challenges and opportunities of Indonesia’s Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience.  By the end of the collaboration, we successfully issued a research article and conducted two Digital Experts Talk concerning the free flow of data and cybercrime in the digital age. This program involved the academicians, the Asia Cloud Computing Association, the Fair Tech Institute, and the government. The purpose of this program is to examine the existing problems as well as the challenges pertaining to cyber security in Indonesia. Moreover, this program was also conducted to provide a space for stakeholders to discuss in order to jointly cooperate in solving the issues related to cybersecurity as this topic is considered a strategic issue engaged with the digital economy in G20 Summit.

Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities

As technology constantly develops, the topic of cybersecurity and the act of cybercrime also became more diverse, complex, and advanced…

Boosting the Digital Economy in the Data-Driven Age: Challenges and Opportunities

With the presence of digital technology in our lives, it is not surprising that data has become a valuable resource as many are becoming more integrated within the digital space.

Is Indonesia’s e-Government Ready? A Review from the Reality Perspective

Indonesia’s e-Government system, also known as System Pemerintahan Berbasis Elektronik (SPBE), is a government administration system that utilizes information and communication technology with the aim of realising clean, effective, transparent, and accountable governance so that it can provide quality and reliable public services

PeduliLindungi: Lessons from the Successful E-Government Platform

Indonesia has always had a vision of a much more digitized nation. It rings true from the very first time Presidential Instruction No. 6 Year 2001 on the Development and Utilization of Telematics in Indonesia got issued 21 years ago to the issuing of Circular Letter of Minister of State Apparatus Utilization and Bureaucratic Reform No. 8 Year 2022 on the Involvement of Government Bodies and Local Developers on Preparation of Learning Content and Media which speaks about the development of electronic-based public services applications this year.

[PRESS RELEASE] Establishing Trusted, Safe, and Secure Free Flow of Data in the Digital Economy | DET #11

The digital economy is one of the concerns raised at the G20 Summit, which will be held on 15-16 November 2022. This is reflected in the holding of the Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG)…