Our Focus

Center for Digital Society (CfDS) is a research center created by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. This research center is established under the concern over the contemporary dynamics of a socio-political condition of the world that is accentuated by the impeccable influence of information technology in the last decade. The phenomenon triggers new patterns and complexities within the society, and thus, new approaches are approached in managing such complexities.

CfDS has a commitment to conduct further study surrounding several contemporary digital society issues including, but not limited to, smart city, digital literacy, e-commerce, digital literacy, digital diplomacy, and many more. The emphasis of CfDS’ activities is then being placed at the effort to identify and optimize the role of information technology as a basis to provide a digital-based solution that can enhance the productivity of the society in the daily basis.

Scope of Research and Activities

As part of academic institution and resembling the function as research center in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Center for Digital Society (CfDS) in 2015 – 2016 focused on contributing especially in three main research and activities topics;

  1. Digital Citizenship
  2. Digital Commerce
  3. Digital Lifestyle

Meanwhile, in 2017, CfDS added and extended the scope of research and activities in three main fields;

  1. Smart City
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. Digital Diplomacy 

In 2018, we begin to focus on the issues of

  1. Digital Governance, including:
    1. Social Media and Politics
    2. E-democracy/digital democracy
    3. digital literacy for government
  2. Digital Economy, including
    1. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) go online
    2. Financial Technology
    3. Development of e-commerce
  3. Future Technology
    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Cloud Computing
    3. Data Analytics
    4. and many more