CfDS and Unesco Collaboration Project: Social Media 4 Peace

The Center for Digital Society (CfDS) with UNESCO and funded by the European Union conducted a research collaboration under the Social Media 4 Peace program to analyze existing gaps and regulations regarding harmful content as well as the reporting mechanisms. Throughout the project, we have successfully organized various activities pertaining to the implementation of the research such as workshops, FGD, consultation with the affected communities, and platform collaboration with, multi-stakeholder coalition conference, and the roundtable discussion on Harmful Content in Social Media. Various activities in this program also collaborated with the government, social media platforms, and NGOs to form a strong multi-stakeholder coalition.

Systematic Mapping of the Potentially Harmful Content Online

CfDS produces a systematic mapping to give a general understanding of the current state of harmful content regulation titled “Regulating Harmful Content in Indonesia: Legal Frameworks, Trends, and Concerns”, the final result can be accessed and downloaded below:


Workshop & FGD 

  • Meeting (November 10th, 2021) 
    Attendees: UNESCO and Article19
  • Meeting (January 18th, 2022)
    Attendees: UNESCO
  • Workshop (February 11th 2022) > link zoom pelaksanaan
    Attendees: UNESCO, Governmental Bodies, Industry, and Civil Society Organizations

Consultation to the Affected Communities

  • Conflict-Affected Communities – Gender and Sexual Minority (February 14th, 2022) > link zoom
  • Conflict-Affected Communities – Political Disinformation (March 14th, 2022) > link zoom 
  • Conflict-Affected Communities – Religious Minorities (March 28th, 2022) > link zoom 

Research on Content Reporting Mechanism 

CfDS conducted follow-up research to map out the current practice of content moderation and the extent of harmful content and hate speech targeting affected communities. The final result can be accessed and downloaded below


Platform Collaboration (

As an effort to prevent harmful content on social media, this project launched the This platform aims to harness collaboration between social media platforms, government, and also communities-led organizations.

Supported by UNESCO and the European Union, the Anti Harmful Content project aims to create a better understanding of the dynamics and the impacts of harmful content spreading in Indonesia. We hope that the information provided on this website can help users to report and avoid potentially harmful content and promote more peacebuilding narratives and initiatives in Indonesia.

Multi-Stakeholder Coalition Conference for Social Media 4 Peace and Platform Inauguration 

Roundtable Discussion on Harmful Contents in Social Media