Why Organizations Should Start Hiring Cybersecurity Officers


With the ever-increasing threat in the digital world towards organizations, both in the government and private sectors, there is a considerable demand for cybersecurity officers. A cybersecurity officer refers to someone who has the capabilities to maintain an organization’s IT […]

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Surveillance Capitalism


*The commentary is a review of an article entitled “Google as a Fortune Teller: The Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism.” By S. Zuboff Unlike state actors, the objective of surveillance by private entities is to change people’s behavior. Surveillance through the […]

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The Netherlands’ Cybersecurity Landscape


Cybersecurity Cybersecurity can be defined as “the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of services they provided”.[1] With the ever-increasing demand for computing power […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Indonesia’s Cyber ​​Security Readiness in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0


    Facing the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 people must be able to understand the dynamics that arise and prepare themselves for changes that will occur in the future. One example of the drastic change that is happening now […]

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Why Cybersecurity Matters for Corporations


      The narration that the digital revolution will bring a lot of extraordinary solution to our daily problem is a common story nowadays. The increasing interconnectedness is predicted to boost efficiency in every aspect of life. In Indonesia, […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] The Cybersecurity issues in everyday life; from data protection to banking security system | Difussion #6


Yogyakarta, 23 August 2018 – Interconnectivity and network integration have put the user under the threat of cybercrime. The national government around the world has focused themselves into building cybersecurity regulation to protect their citizensThis issue was brought to the […]

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Challenges in the Institutionalization of Cybersecurity in Southeast Asia


Cybercrime comes in a lot of varieties—cyber terrorism, cyber fraud, data breach, and hacktivism—and has multidimensional risks similar to domino effects. Attacks are usually materialized in the form of malware, virus, and distributeddenial-of-service (DDoS) targeting critical infrastructures. Although the attack […]

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Cybersecurity Across the World


Cybersecurity is of paramount importance in this ‘omni-connected’ digital era. No country can ignore the need for robust cybersecurity systems to protect the data of its government, businesses and citizens. In this infographic, we provide a summary of the “Global […]

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