Orange the World: End Online Gender-based Violence Against Women Now!


From the end of November to early of December, the UN Women started a campaign called the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. This annual international campaign kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Digital Transformation: Is It Inclusive for Indigenous People in Indonesia? | Difussion #63


Yogyakarta, November 12, 2021 – The level of internet penetration in Indonesia has reached a relatively high percentage. Nevertheless, the number is still centralized in certain areas. Given the magnitude of the role of the internet in various aspects of […]

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The Emergence of Social Cybersecurity: What is it all about?


Increasingly cyber world meant that everything would gain its cyber counterpart; security is no exception. Currently, the world’s attention is hinged on cybersecurity’s technicalities, yet I believe that this should not be the case. Since the pandemic hits, societies all […]

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Analyzing Indonesia’s National Cybersecurity Strategy


Irnasya Shafira, Research Associate of Center for Digital Society Universitas Gadjah Mada As the world becomes increasingly more digital, the need for a national-scale cybersecurity strategy is now higher than ever. The world has seen more and more cyberattacks against […]

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Governing the Intangible: Applying Georgia Tech’s Internet Governance Policy Topics for Indonesia’s Possible Path of Internet Regulation


The advancement of science and technology has literally created a concept into an abstract reality: namely cyberspace itself. Blount[i] argued that cyberspace has become alternative geography that facilitates the world’s ‘respatialization’, and this new space will bring upon new issues […]

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If the Law Can’t, We Will: How Digital Vigilantes become the Safe Haven for Victims of Online Sexual Offender (A closer look at @aliskamugemash exposé account)


The Internet has quite literally opened up a whole new world and opportunities for extensive human connection. It has become quite common to meet new people through cyberspace, and thus it has become increasingly normal to find dates while surfing […]

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The Existence of Indonesia Cyber Police: What does it mean for Us Netizens?


The year 2020 has been repeatedly dubbed as the most unexpected year. In January 2020, I was sure that nobody expects a global pandemic to spread, forcing us to stay at home for nearly a year long. And yet, I […]

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The Ghosts in Our Wires: A Contemplation on the Looming Threat of Identity Theft in the Cyberspace


The pandemic is still massive here in Indonesia. More and more aspects of our lives are now increasingly digital, leading us to a life I’d call: ‘A Phygital (Physical-Digital) Life’, where our online presence exists as the very same existence […]

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New Normal for Crime: The Urgency of Better Internet Governance for Indonesia


The New Normal (also known as Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru[1] or Adaptation Towards New Habits as coined by National Disaster Management Authority, not to be confused with WHO’s definition of New Normal), the phrase our government so rigorously socialize in the […]

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The Fear of Pandemic: Why COVID-19 Hoaxes Run Rampant in Social Media


If you are reading this article, either from your phone, PC, or tablet on the Internet during the self-quarantine imposed by the government, my educated guess is that you have read or heard of a hoax or some sort of […]

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