How Soon is Now?: Preparing Infrastructural Connectivity for Metaverse Ecosystem  in Indonesia


Metaverse is one of the most-talked about digital technology in recent years. The growing knowledge and subsequent utilization of metaverse has created further discussion on its application in daily lives. Metaverse technology comes with their challenges, but also opportunities that […]

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A World Beyond: Metaverse and the K-pop Industry


Author: Jasmine Noor Andhreta PutriEditor: Annisa Pratita Kirana Mantovani Metaverse is of the most talked-about topics in the realm of digital innovation during the last couple of years. This innovation is where avatars can live and do activities in a […]

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High Stakes, High Reward: The Rise of Cryptocurrency and Its Risks in Indonesia


There is a high chance that you might have heard about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin recently. Maybe some friends or family members have persuaded you to invest more in cryptocurrency due to its high-risk, high-reward scheme. However, what exactly is […]

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#MelajubersamaGojek: Gojek’s Solution to Help Indonesian MSMEs in the COVID-19 Pandemic


The side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has well been established to encompass every sector of our society. One of the hardest-hit sectors is arguably the economic sector as financial instability has been widespread during these uncertain times. In the […]

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An Alternative Form of Youth Activism?: How TikTok users & K-pop stans pranked Donald Trump at his rally


In the digital age, activism can be conducted in ways and space that we would never have imagined before. The ever-decreasing boundaries on people all around the world and how to interact with one another have made social activism an […]

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