Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities


Author: Katya LovianaEditor: M Perdana Karim As technology constantly develops, the topic of cybersecurity and the act of cybercrime also became more diverse, complex, and advanced. The pandemic that significantly transformed the role of technology in people’s working and personal […]

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Welcome to the NFT Hype Train: The Future of Blockchain Technology


Author: Perdana KarimEditor: Amelinda Pandu Kusumaningtyas For the past year, cryptocurrency investment has been a popular trend. People from all over the world have jumped on the hype train that is cryptocurrency. Besides the typical currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] About NFTs: Future or Fad? | DIFUSSION #66


Google Meet, 9th December 2021 — Non-Fungible Token (NFT) or NFTs for plural are popular digital assets in society nowadays. The popularity of NFTs is promoted by artists for selling their art works. Even some works have a very fantastic […]

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Doomscrolling: The Toll of Maintaining Connectivity and Mental Health during the Pandemic


You’re in your bed. It’s 1 AM. But you’re not asleep. Chances are, you’re still endlessly scrolling through your preferred social media app, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok. But why? Aren’t you tired from all the Zoom meetings and […]

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Twitter K-pop Stan Become The Unforeseen Ally to Black Live Matter: Is It The New Age of Digital Movement?


Opening Due to social and civil unrest within the US, protests, and riots have broken out all over the states. The catalyst for this massive social movement was caused by the murder of George Floyd by the hands of police […]

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Loneliness as a Pandemic: The Dangers of Online Cult


Before COVID-19 emerged itself as a pandemic that affected millions of lives, there was another silent deadly killer which could also be considered as a pandemic: loneliness. The sense of loneliness, alienation, and self-fortitude that people have felt over the […]

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What is: Big Data?


Recently, the word Big Data has been thrown a lot within our daily lives, but have you ever wondered, what does Big Data actually mean? Big Data is a term that refers to the use of predictive analytics, user behaviour […]

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Indonesia’s Digital Literacy: Then, Now, and Tomorrow


This article would like to discuss the digital literacy of Indonesia. This article would dissect how Indonesia’s digital literacy has changed over a decade while also looking at the future. The goal of this article is to elaborate on how […]

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Facebook Banning Emojis, But Not Hate Speech?


What was once a website made for Harvard students to interact with one another, Facebook has now become the largest social media network boasting more than 2.45 billion monthly active users.[1] Facebook has become a platform where anyone and everyone […]

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