Metaverse in Indonesia: A Hype or Hope?


Penulis: Zakiah FadhilaEditor: Trevilliana Eka Putri The public cannot help but pay attention to Joko Widodo’s speech on the Nahdlatul Ulama’s 34th Muktamar, Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization’s event, because he mentioned Metaverse as if the fame that Metaverse has gained […]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Digital Expert Talk #7 Fair Work for Gig Workers with University of Manchester, Fairwork Foundation, and Oxford University


Yogyakarta, 13 December 2021 – The gig economy in Indonesia has emerged as a modern employment practice, the mechanism being the completion of work in a short time via digital platforms. Despite its existence that can help national economic growth, […]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Unfair Gig Work: Indonesian Women Driver Experience in Ojek Online Industry


“When they see us (picking up the customer), they go, ‘You are a woman? I am sorry, I am not used to being on a ride with a woman, may I cancel (the order)?”  Gig economy, especially the ride-hailing sector, […]

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Pekerjaan Baru dalam Dunia Baru


Editor: Treviliana Eka Putri Read another article written by Anggika Rahmadiani

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Digital Bibliography #11: Technology’s Role in Disaster Mitigation


This bibliography is collected to highlight articles and journals that address how technologies are being used in disaster mitigation. Some of the articles showcase approaches taken by countries and international organizations such as the United Nations in mitigating a disaster. […]

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Data Classification


The outreaching effect of digitalization in our daily life enables us to meet a potential realization of maximizing the use of digital technology to classify and store data in our cloud. Read these critical questions below to find more about […]

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Lack of Protection: Individual and Data Protection Regulation

In the digital era, personal data protection is not a novel issue anymore. The increasing usage of devices and the production of a large amount of data create the urgency to build personal data protection mechanism. It is shown by […]

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Democratizing Finance: Peer-to-peer lending in Indonesia


In the history of Indonesia’s economy, Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has played an essential role in the time of crisis. Based on the Micro and Small Industry Survey held by Badan Pusat Statistik in 2017, there are 4.46 […]

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What is Cloud Computing?


Questions: What is Cloud Computing? How will Cloud Computing improve our lives? What is the current state of Cloud Computing infrastructure in Indonesia? Introductions Cloud Computing is a new kind of technology that for several years have gained significant traction […]

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